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   windscreen windows

11.1 If a windscreen is used, it must be laminated and origin forT2, T2B T2B+ AND unless shock or it may be replaced by windshield poly (lexan magard) thick 5mm

11.2. GLASS

If the car is equipped with front side windows fixed, they must be made of transparent polycarbonate with a minimum thickness of 5 mm and have a small closable opening easily.

If the windscreen is glued, it should be possible to remove or break the glass front doors from the cockpit. Disassembly should be done without using tools.

The rear and side windows (behind the pilot), when transparent material must be approved or polycarbonate of at least 3 mm thick.



11.3.1. T1:

It is mandatory to provide protection for the following two openings if the passenger side doors did not latch car marketed double safety


11.3.2. T2:

When the car does not have side windows fixed front, it is mandatory to provide the following protections for the passenger side openings of the doors.


These protectors must prevent the passage of the hand or the arm and covering the opening over the entire height of the back and then to the center of the window of the steering wheel.

They will be implemented:

· By a thread (not metal) mesh of not more than 6 cm x 6 cm son consisting of at least 3 mm in diameter

· these nets must have  the following characteristics:

- minimum widch of the steips: 19 mm

- Minimum size of openings: 25 x 25 mm

- Maximum size opennings 60 x 60 mm


The net must be attached to the rollcage , the top of the net is permanently fixed and down easily detachable from the inside and outside.

below  mounting of removable glass interior

photo below which shows the mounting pins connected by a cable


6.1. The wheels made partially or entirely from composite materials are prohibited.


With the exception of the liquids and gels puncture, the use of any device allowing the tire to maintain performance with a pressure equal to or lower than the atmospheric pressure is prohibited.


As of 01/01/06, wheel hubs should include a centering wheel by a shoulder, according to the principle used on production cars for new cars.


The wheel being mounted on the car and standing on the ground, the vehicle in race condition ,driver a board , the measurement of the wheel width is performed in any point of the circumference of the tire, except for the area in contact with the ground. When multiple tires are mounted as part of a complete wheel, it must comply with the maximum dimensions set for the group in which they are used.

6.3. Twin wheels are prohibited.

6.4. The tyres with nails , studded or teats or with chains are not allowed, except by decision of the Stewards when weather conditions are unfavorable and they compromise the smooth running of the race.

Are not considered pneumatic clamps or nipples, tires with the following characteristics:

- No gap between the two blocks measured perpendicular or parallel to the tread shall not exceed 15 mm.

In case of wear or tear of angles, measurement will be made at the base of the pavement. In the case of circular or oval stones, the measurement is taken to the tangent of the blocks.

- The tread depth must not exceed 15 mm.

These measures do not apply to a width of 30 mm and along each side of the tread, but the blocks must not exceed the balance of the tire sidewalls.

In all groups, the spare wheel is optional except Rally. However, if the car is equipped, the number will be limited to two.
Rally at any time of the test, the number of spare wheels the car is set to 1 or 2, this for all groups.
Or the spare wheels should or must be identical to those fitted to the car.

Exception: For cars T1A and T1B group, the outer diameter of the wheel full backup (flange, rim + tire) must be identical to the wheels on the car. (Tolerance: + / - 1''). The width of the tire assembly / rim is free, the tire should be used with crampons and use of motor racing.
this tolerance is the only tire types andros without nails


6.6. Systems equipped tires puncture (ATS or other) is prohibited.

 6.7. Maximum diameter of wheels: 16 inch for cars Group T1


The mudflaps are mandatory to the rear  of the rearmost wheels and to the rearof the driven  wheels. They should not present gap with the bodywork. They must satisfy the following conditions:

- Be rubberized canvas (reinforced rubber of a non-metallic braid) or equivalent synthetic material;

- Have sufficient thickness to be effective;

- They must cover at least the width of the wheel, the space remaining free between the wheels;

- The bottom of the flaps must be 8 cm + / -2 cm from the ground when the car is stopped, no one on boa

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